New P&O Cruises Drinks Packages Update

In this bonus episode, we share the details on the recently updated P&O UK Cruises UK drinks packages. We discuss what changed and what the new Deluxe Drinks Package includes. Check our full episode for details on how these packages work onboard P&O Cruises. You can view the sample menus and details on Cruising for All:- If you would like to book a P&O cruise with Kieran, you can find him here:- Watch on...

Guide to the Princess Cruises Drinks Packages, Princess Plus, and Princess Premier

Join Sarah and Kieran as we discuss the Princess Cruises drinks packages. We explain the difference between the Princess Cruise Fares and Princess Drink Packages and discuss whether they are good value for you. We also discuss cruising with Princess, whether the Medallion tech is any good, and what we love most about sailing with Princess. Watch along on YouTube Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Guide to the MSC Cruises Drinks Packages

This week Donna our resident expert in all things MSC guides us through the various drinks packages available onboard MSC Cruises. Kieran also offers us his top booking tips on when is the best time to book an MSC Cruise and get the best price for the drinks package. Sarah tests Kieran on the Cruising for All Drinks calculator to see if he would save by purchasing the drinks package, but I'm sure we know how this will go... You can view the...

Guide to the Norwegian Cruise Line Drinks Packages and Free at Sea

Today we look at the Norwegian Cruise Line Free At Sea Package and how it works, we pick through the details to find out exactly whats included in NCL drinks packages and speciality dining packages. We also look at the NCL Premium Beverage Package and if it's worth the extra money plus, how does the free wifi work on NCL? Watch on YouTube Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Guide to the P&O Cruises Drinks Packages

Guide to P&O drinks packages, what drinks packages are available with P&O Cruises, how much they cost and whats included. We will look at any extra costs and if the drinks packages are worth the cost. We will look at The ultimate drinks package, Non-Alcoholic drinks package and how to get the Children’s drinks package free. Watch on YouTube Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Guide to Celebrity Cruises Drinks Packages

Guide to Celebrity Cruises drinks packages, what drinks packages are available with Celebrity Cruises, how much they cost and what's included. We will look at any extra costs and if the drinks packages are worth the price. We will look at the Classic Drink Package, Premium Drink Package and Zero ProofDrink Package(Premium Non-AlcoholicDrink Package). Watch on YouTube Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Is The Royal Caribbean Drinks Package Worth It?

Today Sarah and Kieran discuss Royal Caribbean drinks packages. RCC offers a range of drinks packages that allow guests to enjoy unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages during their cruise vacation. With options such as The Deluxe Beverage Package Refreshment Package Classic Soda Package Guests can choose the perfect package to suit their preferences and budget, but what's included in these packages and how do you work out if they are...

Is a Cruise Drinks Package Worth the Money?

This is the first of our episodes dedicated to understanding the beverage package onboard a cruise ship. Each cruise line does them differently, so it's not always easy to work out if a drinks package is good value for you or not. In this introduction episode we talk about cruise drink packages in general, will you use them and how to work out if drinks packages are worth it for your next cruise vacation. We look at the basics of drinks...

Celebrity Edge Review sailing the Med with Laura from Cruise Lifestyle

In this podcast episode, Laura from Cruise Lifestyle takes us on a thrilling journey through her recent cruise aboard Celebrity Edge, sailing through the sun-kissed Mediterranean. We'll be exploring the highs, the wows, and the must-know tips for anyone dreaming of a cruise adventure in this picturesque region and sailing on Celebrity Edge. Laura tells all about her cruise cabin, food, entertainment and port days. Whether you're an avid cruiser...

First impressions and review of Wonder of the Seas

We look at Wonder of the Seas and discuss what Kieran thought of the world's biggest cruise ship on his last trip. We discuss what onboard, all the neighbourhoods and food onboard Royal Caribbeans Mega Ship. Also, see our Popular Articles and Booking Links Here. Booking a Royal Caribbean Cruise Booking a Virgin Voyages Cruise Royal Caribbean Drinks Packages Royal Caribbean Ships, The Lowdown Hosted on Acast. See for more...